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Best Landlord Forums in Canada

January 7th, 2019 · Alberta landlords forum, BC landlords forum, landlord forums canada, Manitoba landlords forum, Nova scotia landlords forum, ontario landlords forum

Ontario landlords association forum help

Where Can I Find a Landlord Forum in Canada? These Helpful Forums Help Canadian Landlords Network and Help Each Other

The number of stories in the news on landlords with bad tenants keeps growing.  A lot the media attention has been on the impact of tenants smoking marijuana and growing plants in their rental property.

For sure, this is a serious issue as the Quebec government will now landlords change their existing leases with tenants to ban smoking. But there are many other issues facing landlords across Canada.

Whether it’s an Alberta landlord facing a “midnight” run, a BC Landlord facing a damaged unit, or an Ontario landlord facing tenants who don’t pay rent and are still legally allowed to live there (while the landlord suffers) the stories are endless.

We have also heard how hard it is to get real advice when you need help. So called experts (who never guarantee a result) are charging thousands of dollars that small landlords simply can’t afford. There are some forums or Facebook groups with few if any successful and experienced landlords involved…reading them is painful as it’s like “the blind leading the blind”.

BC Landlords Forum

There have been many changes made in British Columbia and more to come.  For example, the BC rent increase guideline has changed (meaning lower rent increases for landlords).And some bad tenants keep trashing their rental property leaving the landlord out thousands of dollars. Now BC landlords can access the BC landlord forum at the BC landlords forum.

Alberta Landlords Forum

It wasn’t long ago the mayor of Calgary was accusing landlords of gouging tenants because the vacancy rates were so low times have changed and landlords are facing serious challenges with bad tenants. Alberta landlords can find help at the Alberta landlords forum.

Manitoba Landlords Forum

Manitoba landlords can find help with other landlords at the Manitoba Landlord Forum

Nova Scotia Landlords Forum

Nova Scotia landlords continue to face issues such as tenants trashing properties. Get help from successful and experienced landlords here.

Ontario Landlords Forum

Ontario landlords were excited to have elected a government that said they would make Ontario “open for business again”. However while there was a small change in rent control rules the Ford government did nothing too help Ontario landlords deal with tenants who are smoking and growing.

There is a lot of anger in Ontario that the government is not on their side at all.  Ontario landlords can get help here

Best Landlord Forums To Help Landlords In Canada

Legal marijuana is making waves across the country.  And there are even more stories of nightmare tenants causing huge financial and emotional damages on hard-working small landlords and residential property investors.

Make sure you network and get help from experienced and successful residential landlords.

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Ontario Landlords Can TAKE ACTION on Changing Rules For Legalized Marijuana

August 5th, 2018 · Doug Ford, hemp, marijuana, Ontario Landlords Association, Uncategorized, weed

Ontario landlords association marijuana weed 1

Ontario Landlords Can Take Action: Change the Rules For Tenants Smoking Marijuana & Growing Weed Plants in Your Rental Property

Many Ontario landlords now realizing that Marijuana will become legal in Ontario in October 2018 and how it will potentially cause them huge financial losses.

While Alberta landlords are protected and so are BC landlords, in Ontario there are still the rules and laws created by the humiliated and defeated former Liberal government. 

What Are the Current Rules For Ontario Landlords?

The now defeated Liberal government rules still apply in Ontario. They allow renters on existing leases who don’t have any clauses against it to light and smoke hashish! Not only that, but tenants are allowed to grow up to four marijuana plants in your rental property and there is nothing you can do about it!

The Ontario Landlords Association wants the rules to change. 

The OLA says there is now a new government in power that is more business friendly and wants to help improve the rental industry.  And while there has been some media attention on marijuana and Ontario rental properties the new Ford government is not aware of just how big of a challenge this is for landlords across Ontario.

Here is how the Ontario Landlords Association is helping landlords across Ontario ‘Take Action”:

Marijuana Will Be Legal In Canada On October 17th, 2018 And The Current Rules Allow Tenants To Smoke Weed In Our Rentals and Even Grow Plants!

This Will Lead To a Disaster For Ontario Landlords.

Other Provinces Have Made Changes To Protect Landlords…And We Need Changes Too!

Ontario Landlords Need To Be Protected From Tenants Smoking Weed In Our Rental Properties and Growing Marijuana Plants.

We Need To Protect Landlords, Our Tenants, and those investing in rental properties in Ontario!

Let Premier Ford and Housing Minister Clark Know We Need Urgent Changes. 

Ontario landlords take action on marijuana weed

(Click Above To Take Action Against Tenants Smoking Marijuana and Growing Plants)

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Ontario Rent Increase Guideline 2019 is 1.8 Percent

July 9th, 2018 · Ontario Landlords Rent Guideline 2019 1.8%, Rent Increase Guideline 2019 Ontario, Uncategorized

Ontario landlord rent increase guideline 2019 is 1.8%

The Rent Increase Guideline for 2019 is 1.8 Percent. This Means Ontario Landlords Can Only Raise the Rent By 1.8 Percent in 2019

Many Ontario landlords are commenting on how expensive things have become there.  The minimum wage hike in January has triggered high costs on everything from fast food to hiring a plumber.  And not just a plumber, but an electrician, a dry-waller, a landscaper or even just someone to mow the lawn. The Ontario minimum wage hike has created a ripple effect leading to rising costs all over.

With these rising costs landlords need to be able to be able to raise the rent in order to continue to run a profitable rental business or at lease to avoid the dreaded negative cash-flow situation.  In Ontario landlords are responsible for maintaining the units and that means spending money to keep up their rental properties. Landlords also have to make sure the properties are not only well maintained, but also are appealing.  If a rental property isn’t appealing it will be difficult to find good renters to choose your place over others. It will also be difficult to keep your tenants if they see other more attractive properties in the area.

According to the Ontario Landlords Association the 2019 Rent Increase Guideline is 1.8%. This is the amount you can increase the rent on current tenants.  For example, if your rent is $1000/month you will be able to increase it to $1018/month with proper notice.

If My Rental Was Built After 1991 Am I Exempt from Rent Control?

No.  It used to be this way but the rules were changed in April 2017 by the now defeated Liberal Party. Now all rentals, regardless of when they were built, are covered under the annual rent increase guideline?

Isn’t This The Same In Other Provinces?

No. For example BC Landlords have a guideline that is based on the consumer inflation index, but also with an extra 2% because the index doesn’t cover all the types of costs landlords have.  Alberta landlords can raise the rent as much as the market will bear. They only have to provide proper notice to their tenants.

Ontario Rent Increase Guideline 2019

Ontario landlords are now covered by rent control.  Even those properties built after 1991 that used to be able to avoid it. You can only raise the rent 18% in 2019. Does this cover your costs? Is this reasonable? Does the Rent Guideline formula need to be fixed?

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Tenant Criminal Checks – Ontario, BC, Alberta Landlords Now Running Criminal Checks on Renters

May 9th, 2018 · Alberta landlord tenant criminal checks, BC landlord tenant criminal checks, Criminal checks, How Landlords Can Do Criminal Checks on Tenant Renter Applicants, Latest News, Ontario landlord tenant criminal checks, Tenant Screening

Tenant Criminal Background Check Landlord Screening

Criminal Background Checks – Many Ontario Landlords, Alberta Landlords, And BC Landlords Are Now Including Criminal Checks As Part of Their Tenant Screening System. Now You Can Too For a Low Cost At the Ontario Landlords Association

The news at the Ontario Landlords Association website about a Windsor property property who is now running criminal checks on tenants after so many bad tenancies is making waves across the country.  And there are even more stories of nightmare tenants causing huge financial and emotional damages on hard-working small landlords and residential property investors.

Windsor Landlord Will Now Begin Running Criminal Checks on Potential Renters

The story from the CBC was about criminal checks . It focused on a Windsor property manager who has seen so many cases of bad tenants harming landlords has gone viral.  This Windsor property manager rented out a property to a person who seemed nice and polite.  Of course “nice and polite” doesn’t mean they will be a good renter. 

Not long after signing a lease and renting to the tenant the property manager found the tenant had moved out.  Not only did he break the lease, he left a “special gift” for the landlord. 

ontario landlords criminal checks syringes

We are all tightening up our tenant application criteria to a level that’s never been seen before

Huge Damages Left Behind

What was the ‘special gift’ this tenant left behind? It was hundreds of syringes!  And lots of them.  The ex-tenant was a drug user and the property felt the damage of being abused by someone who was a known druggie. 

The property manager said he has seen so many of these types of situation before and he demands things change.  He said these types of tenants think little of breaking leases, owing rent and doing thousands of dollars in damages.  These types of tenants don’t care their behaviour is leading many small landlords to sleepless nights and financial ruin. These are tenants that seek out “nice landlords” and then abuse them. 

Sadly, there are more and more these bad Ontario tenants as it’s just too easy for even good people to seek a windfall by easily manipulating the system.

We Are All Tightening Up Our Tenant Application Criteria To A Level That’s Never Been Seen Before

Windsor landlords have had enough of losing thousands of dollars and being mistreated. They are now saying they will make their tenant screening even more strict in order to make sure they find all the good tenants out there and avoid those who cause so much destruction.

Ontario Landlords Association Now Offers Low Cost Criminal Checks For Tenant Screening

Ontario Landlords Association, BC Landlords Association, Alberta Landlords Association Now Offer Low Cost Criminal Checks For Tenant Screening

Landlords Associations Recommends Criminal Checks To Maximize Your Tenant Screening!

With so many landlords and property managers facing so many challenges the Ontario Landlords Association is now offering landlords access to criminal checks at very low prices.  You get huge discounts as part of only a one-time registration fee with the Ontario Landlords Association.

Ontario Landlord Tenant Criminal Checks

This means landlords across Ontario now have an economically feasible way to “add another layer to your tenant screening process”.  Another way to protect your income property from bad tenants and make sure you find great renters who will respect you, your rental property, and other tenants!

BC Landlord Tenant Criminal Checks

BC landlords can also run criminal checks for British Columbia tenant applicants.  With prices of properties so high just one bad tenant can lead to financial disaster. The BC Landlords Association also provides you with great checks for a very low member price.

Alberta Landlord Tenant Criminal Checks

Alberta landlords are also learning that tenant screening is a key part of being a successful landlord running a profitable rental business. Houses keep getting trashed and landlords simply aren’t protected under current laws.

The Alberta Landlords Association offers members low prices on criminal checks for Albert renter applicants.

Make Sure You Follow The Human Rights Laws in Your Province

Of course landlords should always be aware of and follow the human rights rules in their province.

Successful Canadian Landlords Recommend Criminal Checks To Maximize Your Tenant Screening

Windsor landlords have signaled the warning siren about just how many damages some tenants can cause to your rental property.  Now you can take your tenant screening to the next level with low cost criminal checks by joining the Ontario Landlords Association, BC Landlord Association or Alberta Landlord Association for a low one time registration fee.

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Ontario Landlords Standard Lease 100 Clauses You Need To Add To Protect Your Rental Business

May 1st, 2018 · Latest News, Lease Clauses, Ontario Residential Tenancy Agreement, Ontario Standard Lease

Ontario standard lease clauses

Ontario Landlords Must Now Uses the Government “Ontario Standard Lease.”  According the Ontario Landlords Association You Need To Protect Yourself By Adding Important “Additional Clauses” Because the Ontario Standard Lease Helps Tenants But Just Simply Doesn’t Protect Landlords

Successful landlords know the importance of being aware of the rules of the rental business in their province. It might sound corny but the old saying “knowledge is power” really does apply to the rental industry.  If you are not aware of the rules and any changes that are happening you could get caught breaking the rules.  And in this industry breaking the rules can prove to be very expensive and stressful.

New Rules For Ontario Landlords – The Ontario Landlord Standard Lease

According to The Ontario Landlords Association there has been a major change that will impact landlords across the province.  This big change deals with the residential tenancy agreement signed between a landlord and their renter(s).  For decades Ontario landlords could create their own lease, or use a lease template of their choosing.

By April 30, 2018 this has changed and now landlords are no longer able to legally be able to create their own lease. Now Ontario Landlords must use the Ontario Standard Lease (As of April 30, 2018).

Why The Change To Ontario Rental Laws

According to the OLA some vocal Toronto tenant activists persuaded the powers that be that landlords were using the lease to rip off and cheat tenants. The Minister of Housing Peter Milczyn told the CBC the standard lease would be very easy for tenants to understand.

Milczyn also stated it would provide landlords with a document that didn’t have illegal terms in it.  He said told the CBC the Ontario Standard Lease makes both landlords and tenants “obligations and responsibilities” clear.

How Can I Get the New Ontario Standard Lease? 

You can download it from the OLA website here: Ontario Standard Form of Lease

Experienced Ontario Landlords Say Ontario Standard Lease is “Inadequate” and “Dangerous” for Landlords

Ontario Landlords Association members say the Ontario Standard Lease simply doesn’t provide any protection for landlords.  They claim it is “inadequate” because it’s just a skeleton that leave out many important things that makes a good lease. 

Furthermore, because it leaves so many important things out it is dangerous, especially for small landlords.  Some tenant groups claim the landlords shouldn’t need to protect themselves, but they rarely take any landlord issues seriously.

So How Can Landlords Protect Ourselves? 

The Ontario Standard Lease includes page after page of information to inform tenants of their ‘rights’ but very little about their responsibilities.  Meanwhile, there is a lot of information for landlords about our “responsibilities” but little about what rights we have. 

Fortunately due to hard lobbying by the OLA landlords are allowed to put in “additional” terms in this lease

Ontario Standard Lease Space for Landlords to Add In Additional Terms/Clauses

Here in Part 15 landlords can add in additional terms as long as they are legal. This is a chance for smart landlords to protect ourselves from a lot of potential problems.

What Additional Terms / Clauses Should I Add to the Ontario Standard Lease?

This is where it’s important to network with experienced and success Ontario landlords. Experienced Ontario landlords and Ontario property managers know it’s important to ‘start a tenancy off right’ and avoid ‘confusion’ by making things clear prior to the tenancy even beginning.

Fortunately the pros at the Ontario Landlords Association have come up with a very helpful CD and written book to help landlords know what they should be looking for when it comes to adding in clauses to the government lease.

These pros are landlords with decades of successful experience in the industry.  Many have become millionaires due to their rental investments and have a lot of experience at the Landlord and Tenant Board and at Ontario Small Claims Court.

These clauses range from dealing with smoking and common areas to appliances and items which could be important if you have to go to Ontario Small Claims Court to pursue your ex-renters. While Alberta landlords can still write their own lease, this is a big change for Ontario landlords!

Expert Ontario Landlords Say: It’s Not As Easy As It Looks

Successful landlord know being a landlord in Ontario is far from easy.  Actually, it’s very complicated. This is why Ontario Landlords Association members are trying to help. 

(a) Do Not Include Any “Illegal” Clauses

You can’t include things like “no guests” or “the lease must end on this date and you must move out”.

(b) Don’t Scare Away Good Tenants From Renting From You

It would be easy just to think of every little thing could could and dump it on to some paper and say “here are your clauses.” 

However, successful Ontario landlords know good tenants are often suspicious of landlords. You want to make sure you don’t scare them away and only include pertinent things that will apply to their tenancy.

How Ontario Landlords Can Succeed With the New Standard Lease

You need to take this seriously as the new Ontario Standard Lease has been created to help tenants, not landlords. 

The Ontario Landlords Association has created a way for landlords to make sure you are protected with information available in their Ontario Landlord Rental Kit.  And the great thing is it’s just a one-time registration fee and it also comes along with a lot of other helpful tools.

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The Ontario Landlord Vault Review – Answers to Your Questions From Experienced Landlords and Property Managers

February 23rd, 2018 · Ontario landlord knowledge vault review, review of Ontario Landlord Knowedge Vault

OLA vault

Ontario Landlords Can Now  Find Answers To Their Questions and Concerns With the Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Created by Experienced & Successful Ontario Landlords and Property Managers

Many new Ontario landlords are unaware of the rules they must follow when owning a rental property here and renting to Ontario tenants. They often think the rules are fair and being a landlord in Ontario is simple and renting out a property should be easy and profitable.

Being a Landlord in Ontario Can Lead to Huge Financial Losses

There was a recent story of an Ottawa landlord who is now facing financial ruin after a tenant trashed his rental property.

The Ottawa landlord is Nitan Mehra.  Nitan had the dream of buying a great property and running a successful rental to secure his financial future.

He purchased a duplex and put in a lot of money to make it look clean, safe, and attractive.  Just like you reading, Nitan created a place that he was proud of. He wanted to make sure the tenant renting the place would be happy, pay rent on time, and treat him with the same high level of respect he would show to the tenant.

It should have been a win-win situation, right?  A careful landlord with a nice rental.  What could go wrong?

By the time the tenant moved out the landlord was frustrated and exhausted by a tenant who knew how to “play the game” against the property owner

The Tenant Finally Moved Out!

After months of stress and sleepless nights he was excited when it appeared this “tenant from Hell” had finally moved out.  He thought he could now go in and do a quick clean up and try to re-rent it fast to a better tenant.  After all, small landlords are on tight budgets and even a month or two of no rent can cause huge problems.  So the landlord was relieved…and went in to the rental and found:

Garbage Everywhere, Floors Damaged, Urine and Feces The Property Was Trashed!

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 1

The Refrigerator Was Damaged And Full Of Mold and Rotten Food

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 4

The Stove Was a Health Hazard 

ottawa landlords 2018 3

The Bathroom was Something Out of a Horror Movie

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 2

This is what can happen if you aren’t very careful owning rental properties in Ontario. Because small landlords are on such tight budgets the landlord had to try to clean and repair the rental. What happened to this landlord could easily happen to you!

Being An Ontario Landlord is Complicated

Many new landlords are unaware of the landlord/tenant regulations in Ontario and are shocked to learn how these rules interfere with the normal process of simply renting out your property to someone.

For example, did you know:

1. Landlords Cannot Charge Even $1 As A Damage Deposit

In many countries around the world landlords can charge a damage or security deposit of 1 or 2 or 3 or even more months. Of course this makes sense! Landlords need to be protected against potential damages to the rental property.  One large clean up or repair bill can wipe out 12 months of rent!

2. Landlords Cannot Charge Even $1 For A Pet Deposit

Same as the damage deposit Ontario landlords can’t charge a pet deposit. It’s even illegal to advertise as “no pets”!

3. When The Lease Ends…The Lease Doesn’t End!

When a contract ends, it ends right? Not in Ontario.  When the lease ends tenants don’t have to move out…even if they told you they would move out.  This means tenants don’t have to show respect for you and the rental property to “earn” a new lease.  They just get to stay no matter what their behaviour.

4. Tenants Can Make Up Fake Issues To Avoid Paying Rent

At the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board it’s easy for tenants to make up repair issues to avoid paying rent and delay being evicted.

5. Tenants Can Break the Lease So Easily

With the new rules tenants can very easily use the system to break a lease and leave the landlord with an empty, vacant unit with no rent money coming in.

The Rules Are Getting Worse For Ontario Landlords

Did you know the Ontario landlord rules changed in 2017 and things are even more complicated for landlords (and empowering for bad tenants.) 

For example, all rentals are now under rent control and the Ontario rent increase guideline only allows Ontario landlords to raise the rent by 1.8% in 2018.  This very low even compared to what BC landlords can charge.

Are the Ontario Landlord/Tenant Rules Insane?

That’s up to you do decide but many landlords and investors think so. The Landlord and Tenant Board is designed to help tenants and protect them from landlords. But many tenants exploit the system as it’s so easy to do so.

You Can Still Make Money Investing In Ontario Rental Properties

The good news is you can still make money investing in an Ontario rental property.  There are lots of people out there who have invested in Ontario rentals and have done very well. But you know how to handle the challenges you will face, including landlords facing tenants smoking marijuana.

How Can I Succeed As A Landlord In Ontario?

You have to become an expert and know how to deal with every situation/problem that can come up. While there are non-landlords charging huge fees for help, smart landlords know the real way to learn is from other landlords who have been “in the trenches” and won battles.

Knowledge Is Power – Become an “Expert Landlord”

OLA vault

The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review – Get the Help You Need To Succeed If you want to succeed as a small landlord in Ontario. It’s important you become an “expert landlord.” 

You need to know what to do when any problems begin to arise.  If you delay the problems can grow and lead to huge problems. 

The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board Only Helps Tenants, Not Landlords

Anyone who has been to the LTB knows how unfair and biased it is.  Tenants get free legal help and it very easy in Ontario to for bad tenants to “ambush” landlords with made-up claims which are not true.  They are not true, but these made up stories can leads to months of tenants living rent free and even damaging your rental on purpose.

You can be held hostage for months and see your finances being destroyed

The Ontario Landlords Knowledge Vault is Your Partner for Success – We Know How To Win!

Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault winning the battle with tenants

Created by successful and experienced Ontario landlords who have dealt with just about every issue a landlord can face, the Vault is like having a “pro” landlord beside you as your partner.

The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review

The vault will be your go-to resource to help you succeed as a small landlord in Ontario. For only a one-time fee you get five hours of material created by people who have been where you are now…and they have succeeded.  All the information is from real Ontario landlords who have been in the trenches, dealt with serious issues, and have succeeded as landlords in Ontario!

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How Will the Legalization of Marijuana Impact Canadian Landlords in 2018?

January 26th, 2018 · drugs, Latest News, legal cannabis, legal marijuana, legal weed

Canada landlords rental property legal marijuana weed 2018

Smart Landlords Are Preparing For This Important New Change That Will Have a Huge Impact On the Rental Business

Landlords across Canada have been very concerned about how the legalization of marijuana in 2018 could have a major negative impact on how they run their rental properties. The Canadian Public Safety Minister is Ralph Goodale and he states the federal Canadian government is eager to legalize marijuana by the summer of 2018.

Landlords across Canada should be concerned. After all, so many landlords already have too many tenant problems. And many landlords with multi unit properties have already had their hands filled with tenants who smoke cigarettes. Experienced and successful landlords make sure they do property tenant screening including running tenant credit checks.

But what will happen with tenants can smoke marijuana legally? Let’s ask some landlords across Canada.


canada landlords tenants renters marijuana

Ontario Landlord “It’s Going To Be A Disaster!”

As an Ontario landlord wrote in the Canada Landlord forums:

“We have a duplex and a couple of years ago had a huge problem with it came to smoke. The downstairs tenant agreed not to smoke cigarettes in the basement apartment and followed our lease rule carefully.  When she wanted to smoke she would go outside near the entrance to the lower unit and light up.

No problems. Yes, no problems until she found a low-life boyfriend and secretly had him move in with her. We only knew about him because the upstairs tenants called to complain about smoke coming up into their unit! You see while the person we rented to went outside this guy just lit up in the rental during the winter time.  He refused to go outside because it was “too cold” and continued to smoke downstairs. 

When we asked him to stop his solution was to continue smoking, but he bought a small fan to “deal with the issue.” The whole situation led to a lot of problems for us (including the upstairs tenants moving while we worked to evict the downstairs). I can’t imagine how many problems there will be when tenants start smoking weed and bother other tenants! It’s going to be a disaster.”

Alberta Landlord “They Will Grow In the Rental and Destroy It!”

An Alberta landlord shared their story about a renter who secretly brought in several plants to grow in the rental apartment.  When the renters finally moved out there was mold and lots of damages in the rental unit. 

It reminds of a story about a Calgary landlord who rented to what he thought was a great family. Not long after he saw police cars surrounding the rental as it was an illegal grow up.  The damages led this Calgary landlord eventually just give up. He sold the property and swore never to be a landlord again. Now imagine how this story would work out if growing was legal and there was not control or restrictions!

BC Landlord “What About Tenants Who Grow Marijuana And Sell It From the Rental?”

A British Columbia landlord wrote about their issues a tenant who began using their basement apartment as a place to sell weed to others (including other renters in the neighbourhood):

My tenants were a people who seemed to be kind, friendly and responsible. They said they had an online sales business and even though they would work from home they assured me they would be quiet and their business was strictly via the internet and they wouldn’t bother a soul.

Only after a neighbour called me a few weeks later did I realize their source of income was selling marijuana. They were using the rental property as a place to sell to not only the general public but other tenants in the area. My rental became known by the people in the area as the “stoner house!”

Good News For Saskatchewan Landlords

According to a report at the Saskatchewan Landlords Association site (the real one, not the one that copied their name and years of being ineffective) there have been some important new changes in that province.  In Saskatchewan the provincial government made amendments to the provinces’ rental legislation to help landlords who are worried about the legalization of marijuana/cannabis. There is The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act which will give landlords the right to control what goes on in their property.

Saskatchewan Landlords Have Real Landlord Rights When Dealing With Tenants And Cannabis

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act allows landlords to: Prevent the possession, use and sale of cannabis in a rental unit, along with growing plants. The provincial government listened to the concerns of hard-working landlords about the issue of the upcoming legalization of cannabis.

How Will the Legalization of Marijuana Impact Canadian Landlords in 2018?

Are you ready for the impact of legalized marijuana in 2018? While Saskatchewan landlords are protected are you protected from the huge potential problems these new rules will face? Let us know how you are dealing with this issue by writing to us and

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Canada Landlord Credit Checks

January 1st, 2017 · Canada landlords, Canadian Landlords, credit checks, Latest News

ola credit check 2

Canada Landlord Credit Checks – An Important Way To Find Great Tenants (and avoid the ‘professional tenants’ out there)

Many landlords all over Canada have seen some sort of news about bad tenants who ripped off a small residential landlord.

You might have seen a news segment on your local television station about a trashed rental property in your city or town. Or about sneaky tenants who manipulate the system to live rent free.

Some might even have friends or a co-worker with a story of a tenant who refused to pay rent for months on end leaving the landlord high and dry (and out thousands of dollars and maybe even forced to declare bankruptcy).

As we have written about before on the issue of Canada Credit Checks, experienced and successful Canadian landlords have learned some valuable lessons during their years of being landlords.

Valuable Landlord Lessons

When you see a successful landlord you might think they have a ‘magic wand.’

How else could they do what so many cannot: handle tenants in a country that is, in most cases, biased for tenants against landlords. The reality is these experienced and successful landlords have seen it all. They’ve been scarred, lost money, had sleepless nights, etc.

They have also learned some hard lessons.

Landlord Lesson 1 – Lots of Good Tenants Are Out There

The good news is most veteran landlords will agree that most of the tenants out there are good people and will be good tenants. This is especially the case in areas where property prices are rising and qualified tenants are deciding to rent instead of buying. They need a nice place to stay for a year or two or three to save up for a down payment on their own place.

Landlord Lesson 2 – And Bad Tenants (Sad, But True)

There are also a lot of bad tenants out there. And these bad tenants can lead to some really big challenges for small landlords. You see, while the large corporate landlords have hundreds of units, one or two trouble makers won’t hurt their bottom line. Unlike small landlords who rely on rent to pay their mortgage and not lose their house!

And the corporate landlords can easily afford to pay a lawyer to deal with any issues. Or they have their own legal team on staff and on a salary. It can be really tough for struggling small landlords to pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer or paralegal to evict a bad tenant.

For what bad tenants can do to a small landlord we only have to go see the Ontario Landlords Associate website where a small landlord was on the edge as tenants played the system.

Landlord Lesson 3 – Good People Can Go To the “Dark Side”

These ‘bad tenants’ might be good people in other aspects of life. However, when they see how vulnerable small landlords are and just how easy it is to rip them off and they can’t help themselves.

If you saw someone drop their wallet and jump into a taxi what would you do? Most of us would do our best to contact the person and return it….but if the person is gone and there is lots of money in the wallet some people will be tempted to keep it.

Landlord Lesson 4 – Tenant Screening is the Key To Success

Tenant Screening is the key to success as a landlord in Canada. Experienced and successful landlords know putting good tenants into your rental unit is the ‘engine’ that drives your rental business.

Landlord Lesson 5 – Credit Checks are the Most Important Tool for Landlords

Credit Checks are the most important tenant screening tool a landlord has. Not only do you see if someone is financially responsible, you can also see if their real employment history and if they owe anyone money.

Canada Landlords Association Success

Credit checks are the key to landlord success. It’s the only ‘real deal’ way we can see if the tenants are financially responsible or not.

As an Ontario Landlord wrote on the Ontario Landlords Association forum: “A credit check is a MUST! All the corporate landlords make this automatic, as part of their screening system. It’s a no brainer!”

Let hear from some experienced landlords on how important running credit checks are.

1. Alberta Landlord Credit Check

An Alberta landlord wrote in with a story of a really decent and trusting landlord with a great single family home for rent.

This Alberta landlord met with a nice younger couple with a child who wanted to rent the place. During their meeting and showing of the property this couple said the loved the property and wanted it. They explained that the local public school down the street was perfect for their daughter and they liked how safe the neighbourhood was.

This couple sounded like ideal tenants and their stories make perfect sense!

A few months later the landlord drove by the rental and saw police squad cars in front of it. The police had done a drug bust as the tenants didn’t actually have jobs and were using the property as a grow op!  The property was damaged and the situation was so stressful the landlord ended up selling the property and saying he would never be a landlord ever again.

No, he didn’t do a credit check. If he did he would have seen they owned lots of people money and their previous landlord addresses were fake.

2. BC Landlord Credit Check

An experienced BC landlord wrote us about how a credit check is far more than just a ‘score.’ For example, by seeing past addresses you can contact past landlords. And you know they are the ‘real’ past landlords and not friends acting as them (to trick you into renting to their pals who will rip you off).

3. Ontario Landlord Credit Check

A landlord from Ontario wrote this piece of advice he wants to give new landlords: “The best measure of future behaviour is past behaviour and a credit check is the way to measure this past behaviour.”

Canadian Landlords Make Sure Always Run a Credit Check On Prospective Tenants

Remember, you are running a business. And just like the largest companies out there are careful who they hire, you have to be careful who you put in your rental property.

Canada Credit Checks

A credit check is an important tool for small landlords to learn the truth about prospective tenants and make sure you know who you are renting to. For a small fee, you can earn large profits…and avoid costly evictions and even worse!

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Ontario Landlords Association: Change the Residential Tenancies Act!

January 20th, 2016 · Latest News, Ontario landlord, Ontario Landlords Association

Ontario Landlords Association Change the Residential Tenancies Act

According to Ontario Landlords Association Members It’s Time to Change the Residential Tenancies Act

There was a an important report for Ontario landlords in a report from one of the nations leading real estate publications. The report in Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine was called ‘Time to Update the Landlord and Tenants Act?

Some municipal government want to change the laws to require residential landlords get a license in order to own and operate a rental property.

For example, there is an Ottawa councillor who wants to license all the small landlords who have rentals in an area that predominantly houses students. He says the area has experienced both pollution and noise complaints from neighbours and he believes a ‘landlord license’ would solve the problem.

How Would Landlord Licensing Solve Tenant Noise and Pollution Issues?

Some politicians, including this Ottawa councillor, want to put the burden of tenant behaviour on to the back of the landlord / property owner. If a neighbour complains about noise from a rental property the landlord will have to solve the issue or they will lose their license.

What Happens If a Landlord Loses Their License?

If they lose their landlord license they will not be able to rent out the property again. They will lose their ability to rent out the property.

Are Any Other Ontario Cities Thinking of Licensing Landlords?

Besides Ottawa, there have been moves to require small residential landlords to get a license in cities such as Windsor, Guelph, and Hamilton.

Do Any Ontario Cities Have Landlord Licensing Laws?

Yes. There are licensing schemes in Waterloos, Oshawa and London. In 2014 the city of Mississauga started charging landlords with basement suites $500 annually. If you own a duplex it’s $1000 per year to be legal and be allowed to run your rental business.

What About In Other Canadian Provinces?

The calls for this type of scheme are primarily in Ontario.

Alberta landlords have enough to worry about as the rental market has changed.

Ontario Landlords Association Advocates for Landlord Rights

The Canada Real Estate Wealth team reached out to Ontario Landlords Association (OLA) members for their opinions on the subject.

After all the Ontario Landlords Association is recognized by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing as an important voice for private small residential landlords in Ontario.

The OLA does not approve of landlord licensing. In large part this is because the idea of punishing landlords for their tenants’ behaviour is unreasonable and shows a lack of understanding of the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act. 

Residential Tenancies Act (Ontario) and Reality

The Ontario Landlords Association wants to change the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). As of now it is not fair and balanced. Landlords don’t have enough power or legal rights, especially when tenants don’t pay rent, damage the unit, bother other tenants or bother neighbours.

If tenants make noise and the landlord tells them to quiet down under the RTA tenants can file against the landlord for ‘harassment.’

Landlord Licensing Hurts Good Landlords and Good Tenants

Good landlords don’t want to rent to tenants who cause problems for neighbours. The problem is if their tenants are doing this there is little the landlord can do about it.

Tenants in Ontario have the right to their ‘reasonable enjoyment’ and that means landlords must be careful to avoid being perceived to harass tenants or how they live their lives. Tenants don’t want, and won’t accept, landlords acting like their parents on issues such as noise.

Ontario Landlords Association: Change the Residential Tenancies Act

Small landlords need more power to maintain their rental properties. With more legal power, small landlords will be able to ensure their properties are well run and don’t bother others. This also helps good tenants because the landlord will be able to handle the ‘bad apple’ tenants who are causing issues for others in a quick and effective manner.

Landlord licensing is a simplistic non-solution that will only cause more problems.

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