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Canada Landlords: Government Bodies Dealing With Landlord & Tenant Issues

December 24th, 2013 · 4,584 Comments · Canada landlords, Landlord and Tenant Board

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We List the Government Bodies Where Landlords Can Get Help Dealing With Bad Tenants

Welcome back to our blog for landlords all over Canada. One of goals is providing important information to landlords.

No matter which province your rentals are we all know being a landlord can at times be challenging.

Sometimes you rent to tenants who simply don’t listen to logic and refuse to follow your lease and the rules.

If this happens to you what can you do?

Each province has their own government or quasi-government body to assist you in evicting tenants for things such as:

1. Non-payment of rent

2. Continuous late payment of the rent they owe

3. Harming or bothering other tenants

4. Harassing the landlord

5. Committing illegal acts or damaging the property

If any of these are happening to you make sure you know where to turn to start to fix the problem and evict these troublesome tenants.

British Columbia Landlords

We all use email these days to communicate with friends, relatives and part of our business life.

One British Columbia landlord had a tenant who used email as a way of harassing him.

Here’s another story from CBC news where a Victoria landlord endured months of stress after renting to ‘professional tenants’ who lied to her to get her to rent a house to them.

Months later she has lost more than, wait for it, $20,000! This included rent that was never paid and huge clean-up expenses.

If you are a BC landlord looking for help here is the link you need to know:

British Columbia – Residential Tenancy Branch

Ontario Landlords

Ontario is known as a tenant-friendly province. What the really means is the landlords need to be experts in choosing tenants and the know Residential Tenancies Act like an Ontario judge.

You have to be very careful screening potential tenants and making sure you rent to people who are qualified.

Even then, problems can arise and often do.

One Ontario landlord rented to a single Mom out of compassion.

Soon after she had an unknown person in her house, rent wasn’t paid, damages were done and when the landlord did an inspection of the house the tenant sent out her dog (a Rottweiler!)

Looking back she admits she was a naive landlord and should have acted faster to evict a tenant that ended up costing her thousands of dollars.

If you are an Ontario Landlord here is a link to the government body you need to use to evict tenants.

Ontario – Landlord & Tenant Board

Landlords and The Law

Canada landlords need to know where to go for help.

In Part 2 we will discuss where landlords in other provinces need to go to reach their provincial government bodies.

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