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Canada Landlords: More Links To Goverment Bodies Across Canada

January 2nd, 2014 · 2,245 Comments · Canada landlords, Goverment bodies for landlords

Canada landlords goverment bodies for landlords

In This Post We Focus on more Canada Landlords, Including Alberta Landlords, Manitoba Landlords And The Rest of Canada

In Part 1 we discussed how landlords in British Columbia and Ontario could find help from government bodies to deal with bad tenants.

Whether our investment properties are in Vancouver or if you are a Barrie landlord or invested in rental properties in Ottawa we hope the information was helpful.

Now we will help other landlords across Canada.

We recommend landlords look carefully at the laws in their province and how their system works.

1. Alberta Landlords

Many consider Alberta to be the most ‘pro landlord’ province in Canada.

However landlords there saw a whole lot of tenant challenges in 2013 and these challenges will likely continue into this new year.

For example, according to a story at Calgary landlords a caring landlord rented her property to a Single Mother with four kids who said she had nowhere else to go.

After handing over the keys the non-paid rent kept piling up to the point where the landlord had lost over $8,000.

At the Alberta Landlords Association website there were multiple stories of bad tenants causing problems for their landlords.

These range from Freeman-on-the-land tenants claiming they have the God given right to not pay rent to racist tenants writing hateful words on the drywall as they destroyed the house they were leaving without proper notice.

Alberta – Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service

2. Manitoba Landlords

Manitoba landlords are facing some big challenges in 2014 with a ridiculously low rent increase guideline of only 2%.

This is a very low guideline considering all the challenges Manitoba landlords are facing in 2014.

Manitoba – Residential Tenancies Branch

3. Nova Scotia Landlords

Nova Scotia landlords are happy 2013 is over.

Lots of stories of landlords having trouble finding tenants. And sadly we’ve read stories of tenants they find doing lots of damages and owing lots of rent money.

Lots of landlords are getting burned there.

Nova Scotia – Director of Residential Tenancies

4. Quebec Landlords

What is this: Association des Proprietaires du Quebec (APQ)

Are they really doing a good job helping Quebec landlords!

We read a lot in the media of the challenges Quebec landlords face.

From new anti-landlord rules coming into place to serial scam artist tenants.

Quebec landlords have traditionally joined the Association des Properrietaires du Quebec with few good results for years on end.

It’s time for a change for Quebec landlords

We recommend they take a look at the superior services that Quebec landlords can access by joining the Ontario Landlords Association.

5. Newfoundland Landlords

Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Government Services

6. Saskatchewan Landlords

Saskatchewan – Office of Residential Tenancies (Rentalsman)

7. Prince Edward Island Landlords

Prince Edward Island – Office of the Director of Residential Rental Property

9. New Brunswick Landlords

New Brunswick – Landlord & Tenant Services

8. Yukon Landlords

Yukon – Department of Community Services

9. Northwest Territories Landlords and Nunavut Landlords

Northwest Territories & Nunavut – Department of Justice Rental Office

We hope this information is helpful for all Canada landlords.

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