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Canada Landlords: Tenant Screening Is the Key To Success

February 2nd, 2014 · 3,460 Comments · Tenant Screening

Canada landlords tenant screening

Canada Landlords Make Sure You Screen Your Tenants Carefully

There was a recent story in the Toronto Sun about a situation facing a Quebec landlord.

Read with care, because it’s not easy reading.

It’s also a warning for landlords all over the country to make sure you screen your tenants extremely carefully before renting to them.

Dead checks, calves and rabbits

Sarah Montminy is a small landlord in rural Quebec.

She rented to a young couple last September and thought everything would be fine because they ‘got along’.

Less than six months later she regrets her decision.

She hadn’t heard from her tenants for a long time and thought they might have moved out or were just absentee tenants who weren’t home much.

She went to visit the property to try to talk to them.

When she arrived it was like something out of a bad horror movie.

She found dead rabbits, young calves and lots of dead chickens.

The animals were stuck into the ground, frozen, outside. She can’t even remove them until the soil thaws out.

There was also more than two feet of frozen animal excrement outside.

A pony is missing and she fears it’s also frozen outside.

Rental Property Trashed

The house was ransacked with windows broken, hardwood floors destroyed and the place reeks with the stench of urine.

There are holes in the walls and the wood stove was smashed.

The landlady contacted her  insurance company for help.

She was told her insurance won’t cover the damages. She’s now trying to find the ex-tenants.

Tenant Screening in Canada

We’ve seen a lot of stories over the past couple of years of what can happen to landlords who don’t screen their tenants carefully.

1.         British Columbia

A BC landlord rented to a family because she felt sorry for them after they explained their last landlord was ‘bad’.

As soon as they moved in their rent check bounced.

Four months later, they were finally evicted.  They didn’t pay a cent in rent in those four months.

They did leave thousands of dollars in damages and clean up costs for the BC landlord who will never rent to anyone again with just a ‘sad story.’

2.         Alberta

An Alberta landlord in Calgary was going through the process of evicting tenants from his rental home.

When the tenants finally left he went to go inspect his house. He was shocked to see racial and sexual comments written on the walls and burned into the carpets.

3.         Ontario

An Ontario landlord went through the long process to evict a tenant from his investment property.

He noticed a duffel bag left behind.

It was full of marijuana and the tenant was arrested.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Some landlords have simply had enough because being a landlord in Canada is so risky.

Some Ottawa landlords are going to continue to be landlords. However, they will transfer over to commercial rental properties.

For landlords who continue in the residential sector, tenant screening is the key.

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