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Canada Landlords: Serial Bad Tenants and Grow-Ops

May 1st, 2014 · 3,420 Comments · Alberta Landlords, Tenant credit check

Alberta landlords tenant credit check grow op

If you are an Alberta Landlord Join the Alberta Landlords Association for a one-time fee and get leases, manuals and tenant credit checks for only $10!

Many landlords see the Province of Alberta as the most ‘landlord-friendly’ place in Canada and a great place to invest in.

And why not?

Things are going very well for Alberta landlords in 2014.

After all, the economy is strong and according to the CMHC vacancy rates are low.

According to a recent story in Moneysense magazine many of the top cities to live in Canada are in Alberta.

It looks like an ideal place to own an income property.

Challenges for Alberta Landlords

While in general things are going very well for landlords in the Province of Alberta, there is also evidence that dangers exist.

Especially for landlords who do not do careful tenant screening, including tenant credit checks.

If Alberta Landlords aren’t careful, things can go downhill fast and the damages can be immense.

Be a Realistic Landlord

It’s not only BC Landlords who are facing bad tenants and losing money.

A wrong decision can ruin your rental property business and end up costing you thousands of dollars in losses!

Grow Ops

According to a CBC news report a Calgary landlord is having to try to sue tenants who caused over $100,000 in damages to his rental property.

The tenants moved in and quickly turned the residential rental property into their own drug manufacturing centre!

The landlord said he only knew about this when driving home and seeing a police raid on the rental property.

Tenant Credit Checks

This is another example of why landlords need to conduct tenant credit checks.

No matter where your rentals are you need to screen carefully, including Calgary and Edmonton landlords.

The landlord in this situation did an employment check. That is not enough for landlords to protect ourselves in 2014.

What Is The Best Alberta Landlords Association To Join?

The good news is landlords can now join the Alberta Landlords Association.

They offer a one-time fee and great deals on discounted tenant credit checks.

Are you an Edmonton landlord renting out a single family home?

Or do you want to rent out your basement unit as a Calgary landlord?

Alberta Landlords Association is the Best Association to Join

The Alberta Landlords Membership page makes it clear you can do premium credit check and unlike all the other associations this is only for a one-time fee!

The credit check you can use include TVS checks. You can get set up in an hour and start conducting tenant credit checks from your computer.

You just put the information your tenant applicant puts in their application into the TVS site and…presto!…in seconds you will get a credit score, the tenant’s financial history and a recommendation on whether or not you should rent to them.

Alberta Landlords Can Avoid Pro Tenants With Proper Tenant Screening.

Make Tenant Screening a Priorty When Choosing the Next People For Your Rental Property!


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