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Canada Landlord Credit Checks – Find Good Tenants With Premium Credit Checks!

June 10th, 2014 · 3,468 Comments · Canada landlords, Tenant credit check

 Canada landlords tenant credit check

Canada Landlord Credit Checks – Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants! Affordable Premium Credit Checks Are Available For You!

The article in The Kingston Whig-Standard was about tenants with bad credit having difficulties finding rental properties.

The story explained that the Kingston branch of the Ontario Landlords Association was advocating landlords run tenant credit checks before renting their property out.

And we agree and have written about how to avoid bad tenants before.

Landlords across Canada are being punished for thinking tenants are honest and trustworthy.

As we wrote in the past, Canada landlords are hard-working people who are looking to invest in rental properties to make profits and secure their financial future.

The problem is too many landlords are decent and it’s easy for bad tenants to trick them.

This leads to the landlord losing money and in some cases even losing their rental property!

Renting to Good Tenants

The key for successful landlords is renting to good tenants.

So What Is A Good Tenant?

A “good tenant” will pay their rent and follow the rules they agreed to in their lease.

They will also show respect to their landlord and maintain the property they rent.

Are There Bad Tenants Out There?


Landlords across Canada are facing lots of bad tenants.

How Can A Credit Check Help Me Avoid Bad Tenants?

A tenant credit check will show you many things about potential tenants:

– Are They Financially Responsible?

– Do They Owe Anyone Money?

– Are Their Past Addresses True?

– Is There a Pattern of Moving Before A Lease Is Finished?

1. BC landlords

You will see a CBC news report on a couple of serial bad tenants who have ripped off lots of landlords over the past couple of years.

The key theme to this story is that landlords trusted the sweet words of the tenants, didn’t run tenant credit checks, and then got burned!

This is why BC landlords are now making credit checks a key aspect of tenant screening.

Read more at the BC Landlord Credit Check site.

2. Alberta Landlords

We like to think this is a landlord friendly province.

But Alberta landlords can lose thousands if they don’t rent to the right tenant.

Again, landlords who lose money are landlords that don’t do proper tenant screening, including Alberta Landlord Credit Checks.

3. Ontario Landlords

The Toronto Star has a great report about the “Tenant From Hell” who have victimized her latest small landlord.

The common theme is that each of the landlord cheated believed her story and didn’t run a tenant credit check to verify it.

A tenant credit check would have warned these Ontario landlords: DO NOT RENT TO HER! For more information go to the Ontario Landlord Credit Check website.

Canada Landlord Credit Check

Make sure you run credit checks on your tenants before renting to them.

BC landlords can join the BC landlords association for a one-time fee.

Alberta landlords can join the Alberta landlords association to do premium credit checks for only $10 per check.

Ontario landlords can join the Ontario Landlords Association and start doing premium credit checks for only $10 per check.

Canada LandlordsBecome a Member of a one time registration fee landlord association in your province and make sure you rent to great tenants!

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