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Canadian Landlord Associations

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Make Sure You Join A Helpful Canadian Landlords Association To Network With Experienced Landlords, Get Rental Kits, and Get Access to Premium Credit Checks

If you are thinking of becoming a Canadian landlord it’s important you become a member of a landlord association to help you succeed.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporations (CMHC) each province and territory in Canada has their own rules and laws for landlords and tenants.

For example, BC landlords can charge a pet and damage deposit on tenants.

Meanwhile, Quebec and Ontario landlords aren’t allowed to do this.

It’s important for new landlords and investors to learn how things work in the province you are investing in.

How Can I Join A Landlord Association?

It’s easy, but you need to make sure you join an association that truly helps landlords. There are a lot of so-called associations that charge high annual fees that don’t offer the services small residential landlords need to make sure you rent to good tenants and succeed!

#1 If you are an Ontario Landlord we recommend you join the Ontario Landlords Association

The Ontario Landlords Association is the premier landlord association for residential landlords and helps Ontario landlords succeed.

Even the number one newspaper in Canada recommended landlords to join the Ontario Landlords Association.

Here is the Toronto Star recommending landlord join the Ontario Landlords Association and start running credit checks on tenants for as low as $10/check.

#2 BC Landlords you should join the BC Landlords Association.

You can join the BC Landlords Association for only a low one-time fee and get access to the BC Landlord Rental Kits and premium credit checks.

That’s right, all this for a one time registration fee.

Compare this to other organizations which charge set up fee of up to $50 and annual fee of up to $150 per year plus extra annual fees for how many properties you own!

The BC Landlords Association is simply the best affordable for small British Columbia landlords.

#3 Do you own rentals in Alberta? If so make sure you join the Alberta Landlords Association.

You get access to the Alberta Landlord Rental Kit and Premium TVS Credit Checks for only $10 per check.

#4 Manitoba landlords are facing a low rent increase guideline of only 2.4% in 2015.

This means it’s more important than ever to screen your tenants carefully. You can join the Manitoba Landlords Association for only a one time fee of $99 and start running TVS credit checks for only $10 per check!

Canadian Landlord Associations

It’s important for new landlords to join a landlords association.

It is also important you join the RIGHT landlord association that is run by successful landlords and only need you to pay a one-time registration fee to get access to terrific services!

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