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How Will the Legalization of Marijuana Impact Canadian Landlords in 2018?

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Smart Landlords Are Preparing For This Important New Change That Will Have a Huge Impact On the Rental Business

Landlords across Canada have been very concerned about how the legalization of marijuana in 2018 could have a major negative impact on how they run their rental properties. The Canadian Public Safety Minister is Ralph Goodale and he states the federal Canadian government is eager to legalize marijuana by the summer of 2018.

Landlords across Canada should be concerned. After all, so many landlords already have too many tenant problems. And many landlords with multi unit properties have already had their hands filled with tenants who smoke cigarettes. Experienced and successful landlords make sure they do property tenant screening including running tenant credit checks.

But what will happen with tenants can smoke marijuana legally? Let’s ask some landlords across Canada.


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Ontario Landlord “It’s Going To Be A Disaster!”

As an Ontario landlord wrote in the Canada Landlord forums:

“We have a duplex and a couple of years ago had a huge problem with it came to smoke. The downstairs tenant agreed not to smoke cigarettes in the basement apartment and followed our lease rule carefully.  When she wanted to smoke she would go outside near the entrance to the lower unit and light up.

No problems. Yes, no problems until she found a low-life boyfriend and secretly had him move in with her. We only knew about him because the upstairs tenants called to complain about smoke coming up into their unit! You see while the person we rented to went outside this guy just lit up in the rental during the winter time.  He refused to go outside because it was “too cold” and continued to smoke downstairs. 

When we asked him to stop his solution was to continue smoking, but he bought a small fan to “deal with the issue.” The whole situation led to a lot of problems for us (including the upstairs tenants moving while we worked to evict the downstairs). I can’t imagine how many problems there will be when tenants start smoking weed and bother other tenants! It’s going to be a disaster.”

Alberta Landlord “They Will Grow In the Rental and Destroy It!”

An Alberta landlord shared their story about a renter who secretly brought in several plants to grow in the rental apartment.  When the renters finally moved out there was mold and lots of damages in the rental unit. 

It reminds of a story about a Calgary landlord who rented to what he thought was a great family. Not long after he saw police cars surrounding the rental as it was an illegal grow up.  The damages led this Calgary landlord eventually just give up. He sold the property and swore never to be a landlord again. Now imagine how this story would work out if growing was legal and there was not control or restrictions!

BC Landlord “What About Tenants Who Grow Marijuana And Sell It From the Rental?”

A British Columbia landlord wrote about their issues a tenant who began using their basement apartment as a place to sell weed to others (including other renters in the neighbourhood):

My tenants were a people who seemed to be kind, friendly and responsible. They said they had an online sales business and even though they would work from home they assured me they would be quiet and their business was strictly via the internet and they wouldn’t bother a soul.

Only after a neighbour called me a few weeks later did I realize their source of income was selling marijuana. They were using the rental property as a place to sell to not only the general public but other tenants in the area. My rental became known by the people in the area as the “stoner house!”

Good News For Saskatchewan Landlords

According to a report at the Saskatchewan Landlords Association site (the real one, not the one that copied their name and years of being ineffective) there have been some important new changes in that province.  In Saskatchewan the provincial government made amendments to the provinces’ rental legislation to help landlords who are worried about the legalization of marijuana/cannabis. There is The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act which will give landlords the right to control what goes on in their property.

Saskatchewan Landlords Have Real Landlord Rights When Dealing With Tenants And Cannabis

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act allows landlords to: Prevent the possession, use and sale of cannabis in a rental unit, along with growing plants. The provincial government listened to the concerns of hard-working landlords about the issue of the upcoming legalization of cannabis.

How Will the Legalization of Marijuana Impact Canadian Landlords in 2018?

Are you ready for the impact of legalized marijuana in 2018? While Saskatchewan landlords are protected are you protected from the huge potential problems these new rules will face? Let us know how you are dealing with this issue by writing to us and

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