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Best Landlord Forums in Canada

January 7th, 2019 · No Comments · Alberta landlords forum, BC landlords forum, landlord forums canada, Manitoba landlords forum, Nova scotia landlords forum, ontario landlords forum

Ontario landlords association forum help

Where Can I Find a Landlord Forum in Canada? These Helpful Forums Help Canadian Landlords Network and Help Each Other

The number of stories in the news on landlords with bad tenants keeps growing.  A lot the media attention has been on the impact of tenants smoking marijuana and growing plants in their rental property.

For sure, this is a serious issue as the Quebec government will now landlords change their existing leases with tenants to ban smoking. But there are many other issues facing landlords across Canada.

Whether it’s an Alberta landlord facing a “midnight” run, a BC Landlord facing a damaged unit, or an Ontario landlord facing tenants who don’t pay rent and are still legally allowed to live there (while the landlord suffers) the stories are endless.

We have also heard how hard it is to get real advice when you need help. So called experts (who never guarantee a result) are charging thousands of dollars that small landlords simply can’t afford. There are some forums or Facebook groups with few if any successful and experienced landlords involved…reading them is painful as it’s like “the blind leading the blind”.

BC Landlords Forum

There have been many changes made in British Columbia and more to come.  For example, the BC rent increase guideline has changed (meaning lower rent increases for landlords).And some bad tenants keep trashing their rental property leaving the landlord out thousands of dollars. Now BC landlords can access the BC landlord forum at the BC landlords forum.

Alberta Landlords Forum

It wasn’t long ago the mayor of Calgary was accusing landlords of gouging tenants because the vacancy rates were so low times have changed and landlords are facing serious challenges with bad tenants. Alberta landlords can find help at the Alberta landlords forum.

Manitoba Landlords Forum

Manitoba landlords can find help with other landlords at the Manitoba Landlord Forum

Nova Scotia Landlords Forum

Nova Scotia landlords continue to face issues such as tenants trashing properties. Get help from successful and experienced landlords here.

Ontario Landlords Forum

Ontario landlords were excited to have elected a government that said they would make Ontario “open for business again”. However while there was a small change in rent control rules the Ford government did nothing too help Ontario landlords deal with tenants who are smoking and growing.

There is a lot of anger in Ontario that the government is not on their side at all.  Ontario landlords can get help here

Best Landlord Forums To Help Landlords In Canada

Legal marijuana is making waves across the country.  And there are even more stories of nightmare tenants causing huge financial and emotional damages on hard-working small landlords and residential property investors.

Make sure you network and get help from experienced and successful residential landlords.